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The best stringing and customization for your racquets

Owner Jay Bazinet is a USRSA Master Racquet Technician and a GRSA Master Pro Stringer. Jay is also a member of the Solinco Professional Stringing Team, stringing at the most prestigious junior tournaments in the United States, including Junior Nationals in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

With a strong desire to keep current with today’s tennis industry standards, Jay continually reaches out to the leaders in the industry for assistance and opportunities to learn.

When Jay isn’t stringing, he is on the court teaching or consulting players on their best frame and string set up taking into consideration factors such as age, skill level and if the player has had any wrist, elbow or shoulder pain in the past. All of these factors go into deciding which frame, and string will go best and at what tension. Shoreline Stringing is the official stringing service for Lyme Shores Tennis and Fitness, located at 22 Colton rd. in East Lyme, Ct.

A few things we’re great at


We stock the latest string from the top manufacturers such as Wilson, Solinco, Babolat and Technifibre. If we dont carry your favorite string chances are that we can get it for you.


We can change your replacement grip (cushion) or the overgrip of your choice. They are carefully placed on your handle, where each overlap is close to perfection.

Handle build-up

Grip too big or too small? No problem! We can customize the size of the handle accordingly to your hand size.

grommet and bumper replacement

Protect your racquet by keeping the grommets and bumpers in check. During each stringing job, we clean them up so they look brand new.


We match two or more racquets. Let us know your preferred specs and we take care of the rest.

All racquets will feel the same.


We can customize the weight, balance and swingweight of your tennis racquet.

Bring them over and find out how small changes can make a huge improvement to your game.


We have the latest tennis racquets models for you to demo!

Call or visit us demo them!

Pricing – Products & Services

You can demo our racquets for 5 days ($20 deposit). Limit of 3 demos per 5 days.
The value of the deposit can be applied to the purchase of your next racquet.
Free Shipping to anywhere US Continental.

Wilson Racquets
– Clash 100
$249 – Clash 100 Pro
$229 – Clash 100L
$229 – Clash 108
$199 – Clash 100UL
$249 – Clash 98
$219 – Blade 98 16×19
$219 – Blade 98 18×20
$199 – Blade 104
$199 – Blade 100L
$199 – Ultra 100
$189 – Ultra 100L
$189 – Ultra 108

Yonex Racquets
– VCore 100
$229 – VCore 100L
$239 – VCore 95
$239 – VCore 98
$229 – EZone 100
$209 – EZone 105
$219 – EZone 108
$249 – Astrel 115

Diadem Racquets
$219 – Elevate
$219 – Novas

Solinco Racquets
$Upon Request
– White Out
$Upon Request – Black Out

Diadem Junior Racquets
$99 – Rise 25″
$99 – Super 25″
$109 – Rise 26″
$109 – Rise 26″

Yonex Junior Racquets
– EZone 26″
$120 – VCore 26″

Cushions and Overgrips
– Solinco Replacement Grip
$20 – Solinco Calf Skin Leather Grip
$30 – Solinco Overgrips – Pack of 30

Stringing – Poly and Co-Poly
 – Diadem Elite XT (17g)
Diadem Pro X (17g)
$35 Diadem Solstice (17g)
$35 Solinco Tour Bite (16g, 17g, 18g, 19g)
$35 – Solinco Hyper G (16g, 17g, 18g, 19g)
$35 – Solinco Hyper G SOFT (17g, 18g)
$35 Solinco Confidential (16g, 17g, 18g, 19g)

Stringing – Mulfitilament
– Wilson Sensation 16g
$35 – Wilson NXT
$35 – Solinco Vanquish 17g

Stringing – Synthetic Gut
$30 – Solinco Pro Stack

Stringing – LABOR ONLY
$18 – Customer supplies the strings

Other Services
– Bumper or Grommet Installation
$10 – Replacement Grip
$20 – Calf Skin Leather Grip
$10 – Handle Build-up (Full of Half-Size)
$20 – Racquet Matching (per Frame)

All prices include LABOR and Ct. sales tax

The secret to success

Whether you are playing for leisure or competitive tennis, your racquet should be an extension of your arm. Minor details can make the difference between winning points and matches.


Strings can have a major impact in your game. One pound can make all the difference in the ball trajectory. Not to mention the strings composition.

Handle size

A handle too big or small can cause discomfort to your hand, wrist or even elbow. Bring your racquet so we can check if you have the proper size.


How heavy a racquet feels when swinging can make a difference in those long matches. It can also help absorb the energy of the incoming ball. Visit us and learn more about this important feature of your tennis racquet.

Other accessories

Overgrips, dampeners, and other items can enhance the performance of your tennis racquet. Come to our store and find out which items can help on your game.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My rackets have been strung here for years. always a great job and promptly done. my go to place- five stars. I recommend Jay to everyone.

Bob Kessel

When shoulder pain began to really affect my tennis, a friend recommended that I talk to Jay about having my racquet restrung. I was amazed. Within two weeks of Jay restringing my racquet I literally had no more shoulder pain. Jay’s artistry comes from years and years of experience. You will be well served.

Martha Gibson

Jay is an extremely responsive stringer and great coach. He’s passionate about making sure your racquet is customized to fit your play style.

Mark Brochu

Easy communication, fast turn around and secure payment via Venmo!

Cool stencils too!

Matt Collins

Quality work, quick turnaround, good communication. Recommended.

Scott Ingalls

Jay is the racquet maestro! I was so happy with the stringing and racquet purchase of the first racquet i had to go back for another. Jay really understands my game and takes the time to communicate and translates that into a superior product!

Hally Schoen

I have worked with Jay and Shoreline Stringing for the past 2 years. I have been very satisfied. Jay is an expert at his craft and I appreciate his wide ranging knowledge of racquet management. Everything from string types and tension to grip modification. Jay goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend Shoreline Stringing for all players from entry level to high level competitive USTA players.

Aaron Casey

I ordered two racquets from Jay from Florida and he responded very quickly and knew exactly what my daughter needed.

He got the order out fast! I would highly recommend Shoreline Stringing and would order from him again!

Robin Sward

String your racquet with us today!

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